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2016 Board Member Information. Welcome John Gunning (right-click to view a brief resume!)

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Nominating Committe Report 2016.

Board meetings are held  Monday 9:30am before the Second Tuesday of the Month.

Luncheon lectures: Second Tuesday of the month, except December

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Amazing Story Tips for November is the latest!!

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List of Luncheon Lectures: January 2004 - June 2016

Remembering Dr. Weinberg

Dr. Murray Rosenthal's ORNL's 13 Reactors

By-laws Feb 16 2011

Steve Stow's presentation on ORNL's History Room

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Dr. Roberto's Discovery of Element 117

FORNL Flyer This is a great document.

Amazing Story Tips for November is the latest!!

Steve Stow's presentation on ORNL's History Room

ORNL Web Page

ORNL Reporter

Dr. W. Rosenthal's Account of ORNL's 13 Reactors

Seven ORNL researchers elected AAAS fellows.  https://www.ornl.gov/news/seven-ornl-researchers-elected-aaas-fellows .

Tennessine' acknowledges state institutions' roles in element's discovery.

Caption: ORNL researchers used supercomputing to identify chemicals that seek out and disrupt the assembly of bacterial proteins called efflux pumps, known to be a major cause of antibiotic resistance. Image by ORNL/University of Oklahoma
Supercomputer simulations help develop new approach to fight antibiotic resistance. Click on this link and at the bottom of the file click on the Video !

For ORNL News, please check Story Tips and Media Highlights in the left column !

3D-printed permanent magnets outperform conventional versions, conserve rare materials; There are pictures and a video in this link !!!

November 13, 2016 NEW !! World-leading High-Performance Computing centers partner to form accelerated computing institute

ORNL wins seven R&D 100 Awards !!!!

Six ORNL researchers elected fellows of the American Physical Society. High resolution images are available at https://www.ornl.gov/news/six-ornl-researchers-elected-fellows-american-physical-society

Nickel-78 is a ‘doubly magic’ isotope, supercomputing calculations confirm

Transmittal Letter for MP Beneficial Legacies Whitepaper June 15 2016 and Attachment

Board approved in November FORNL's Position on Historic Preservation. Click following link to view complete document. FORNL Position on Historic Preservation(11-16-2010)

The Friends of ORNL (FORNL) is a non-profit organization of persons interested in fostering the scientific goals of the OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN, USA.

We are scientists and engineers, as well as individuals from varied backgrounds, who believe we can increase the nation's technological awareness by providing information to teachers, students, and the general public.

FORNL is collecting dues for the 2017 calendar year; the annual dues for 2017 are $20. If you want to gamble that you will live 10 years or more, consider a life membership at $200 and in the future, forget about whether you have paid.  An up-to-date list of members and their dues status will be available for viewing at the meeting.  Dues can be paid at a meeting or sent to the FORNL Treasurer (payable to FORNL, Vinod Sikka, Treasurer); or sent to: Vinod Sikka, 115 Dansworth Lane, Oak Ridge, TN 37830).

We are accepting requests for ORNL visitors’ badges from those who have paid their 2016 dues (or who are life members).  To request a visitors’ badge, e-mail Bob Hightower at hightowerjr@comcast.net with your full name (as it appears on your driver license) and a declaration that you are a US citizen.