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Harold Strohl's ORNL Media Highlights for  Sept. 11-15, 2017

Fascinating news about Supercomputers from Harold Strohl Sept. 11-15, 2017

ORNL Innovation Crossroads program opens second round of energy entrepreneurial fellowships

(The following is a partial extract from the Spring/Summer Oak Ridge Reporter. The complete article can be found by opening the link ORNL Reporter below in the left column below) . "Thomas represents the very best of ORNL: scientific excellence, a willingness to tackle tremendous challenges for the benefit of the nation, and the vision to find innovative solutions and make them reality.” - Jeff Wadsworth, President and CEO of Battelle and director of ORNL 2003-7.

Thomas Zacharia assumes new duties as ORNL director; starts new era at Lab

         Thomas Zacharia, who built ORNL into a global supercomputing power,became the Laboratory’s new director July 1. His selection was announced June 1 by Joe DiPietro, chair of the UT-Battelle Board of Governors and president of the University of Tennessee, “Thomas has a compelling vision for the future of ORNL that is directly aligned with DOE’s strategic priorities,” DiPietro said. “He has led many of the innovative research and development initiatives that ORNL has successfully pursued over the past decade.”DiPietro said Zacharia’s almost 30-year career at ORNL in materials and computing will enablehim to lead in the continuing advancement of programs in those areas and others.
      Thomas’ background positions him well to strengthen ORNL’s signature research capabilities in computational, neutron, materials and nuclear science,” DiPietro continued. “His vision of ORNL playing a prominent role in advancing U.S. national and energy security reflects his leadership strengths. He has been key to the success of developing joint academic programs with UT. Finally, he embraces diversity and has a passion for developing and strengthening the workforce at the Laboratory.”
      Zacharia came to ORNL in 1987 as a postdoctoral researcher after receiving his Ph.D. in engineering science from Clarkson University in New York. He also holds a master’s in materials science from the University of Mississippi and a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from the National Institute of Technology in Karnataka, India.
    “Thomas represents the very best of ORNL: scientific excellence, a willingness to tackle tremendous challenges for the benefit of the nation and the vision to find innovative solutions and make them reality,” said Jeff Wadsworth, president and CEO of Battelle and director of ORNL from 2003-2007. “His whole career shows that he knows how to apply ORNL’s unique breadth of expertise to our most important priorities in science, energy, national security and economic competitiveness".


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Dr. Murray Rosenthal's ORNL's 13 Reactors

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Steve Stow's presentation on ORNL's History Room

Dr. W. Rosenthal's Account of ORNL's 13 Reactors

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The Friends of ORNL (FORNL) is a non-profit organization of persons interested in fostering the scientific goals of the OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN, USA.

We are scientists and engineers, as well as individuals from varied backgrounds, who believe we can increase the nation's technological awareness by providing information to teachers, students, and the general public.

FORNL is collecting dues for the 2017 calendar year; the annual dues for 2017 are $20. If you want to gamble that you will live 10 years or more, consider a life membership at $200 and in the future, forget about whether you have paid.  An up-to-date list of members and their dues status will be available for viewing at the meeting.  Dues can be paid at a meeting or sent to the FORNL Treasurer (payable to FORNL, Vinod Sikka, Treasurer); or sent to: Vinod Sikka, 115 Dansworth Lane, Oak Ridge, TN 37830).

We are accepting requests for ORNL visitors’ badges from those who have paid their 2017 dues (or who are life members).  To request a visitors’ badge, e-mail Bob Hightower at hightowerjr@comcast.net with your full name (as it appears on your driver license) and a declaration that you are a US citizen.