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Board meetings are held  Monday 9:30am before the Second Tuesday of the Month.

Luncheon lectures: Second Tuesday of the month, except December

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Steve Stow's presentation on ORNL's History Room

ORNL Web Page

ORNL Reporter

Dr. W. Rosenthal's Account of ORNL's 13 Reactors

To:  Friends of ORNL

We will hold the official election of board members at a short annual meeting to be held on February 14, 2017, prior to the monthly luncheon lecture meeting.  The meeting location in Oak Ridge is the UT Resource Center, the white-colored building at 1201 Oak Ridge Turnpike (State Highway 95) between Taco Bell and Applebee's at the intersection of the Turnpike and Rutgers Ave (at Traffic Light #7).  The agenda for this meeting will be:
11:00 a.m. Socializing and Coffee
11:30 a.m. Lunch (provided by the Soup Kitchen)
11:50 a.m. Annual Meeting for Election of Board Members 
12:00 noon Lecture begins 
12:45 p.m. Q&A 
1:00 p.m. Adjourn
The election process will consist of asking for nominations from the floor, and voting is by voice vote.  
The term of office for board members is (normally) two years and a board member is eligible to succeed to office twice for a total of three consecutive terms.  After three consecutive terms a board member must drop off the board for at least a year.  The by-laws require that 5 board members be elected (or re-elected) each year, and to that end 5 are elected (or re-elected) on even years and 5 on odd years. 

The candidates selected by the nominating committee are listed below along with a short biographical sketch:

James E. Rushton
Jim is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana, and studied physics and mathematics at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1967. His interest in a broad range of energy topics began as a nuclear engineering graduate student at University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he obtained his PhD in 1975.

Rushton applied his thesis to non-destructive measurements of nuclear materials in support of nuclear non-proliferation at ORNL. In 1979, he moved from the research world at ORNL to the nuclear fuel business.  Jim returned to ORNL in 1994 and served as project manager for the closure of the Molten Salt Reactor and as division director of the Nuclear Science and Technology Division.  Beyond work, Rushton is a member of the American Nuclear Society and the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management. He is a member of the Breakfast Rotary Club of Oak Ridge and board member of the Oak Ridge Utility District.  He also is active with St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Rushton and his wife, Rebecca, live in Oak Ridge and enjoy golf, sailing, and travel.

Jim is seeking his third term on the FORNL board.  After this term he will not be eligible for re-election to another consecutive term.

Gloria Caton
Gloria Caton received her B.S. in Chemistry (1962)  from Juniata College and Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry (1968) from Iowa State University.  In her 40 years at ORNL she was involved in scientific and technical information management in the energy and environmental areas.  She initiated, managed and was the webmaster for the NRC-State and Tribal Programs (STP) Website for the NRC Office of Nuclear Materials Safety and Safeguards for 16 years. This website accomplished the needs of NRC-STP to communicate quickly and accurately with the Agreement States.  She also initiated websites for Industrial Materials for the Future, Continuous Fiber Ceramic Composites, and Advanced Industrial Materials.  Gloria was the managing editor for the DOE Protecting Human Subjects Newsletter for 12 years and the DOE Radon Newsletter for 5 years.  She also was the principal investigator for several large computer database applications on on-going energy R&D (1972-1979), acid precipitation, coal liquefaction components, etc..

Gloria is seeking her second term on the FORNL board.  After this term she will eligible for re-election one more time.

Kathy Gant
Kathy Gant received a B.A. in mathematics and physics from Austin Peay State University (1969), M.S.(1971) and Ph.D. (1976) in physics from University of Tennessee, with concentrations in radiation physics and public health. She joined the research staff at ORNL in 1976 in the Civil Defense Research Program. This work led to years of work in emergency planning and management for natural and technological hazards for DOE and several other federal agencies. She spent her last years before retirement working in a variety of areas, such as hazards assessment, security, environmental sustainability, and technology assessment, and undertook several missions for the International Atomic Energy Agency. She retired with 36 years of service, plus the time spent at ORNL as a student.

Kathy is seeking her second term on the FORNL board.  After this term she will eligible for re-election one more time.

Kent Williams
Kent holds a BS & MS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University, and PhD in Chemical Engineering from UT Knoxville.  He was a co-op Student at Argonne Nat’l Lab 1965-1967, Development Engineer at Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant 1970-1985, and a staff member in the ORNL Nuclear Science and Technology Division, 1985-2010.

Kent is currently retired but doing some consulting for INL (Idaho) and ORNL, mostly in areas related to engineering economics, nuclear fuel cycles, and nuclear non-proliferation. He has given three presentations to FORNL in past:  Fissile Materials Disposition, Naturally-occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMS), and History of Nuclear Fuel Cycle at Oak Ridge (1970-2010). Kent is an Emeritus Member of the American Nuclear Society, and lives in Hardin Valley. His other interests are: music, astronomy, ORICL, hiking, and photography.

Kent is seeking his second term on the FORNL board.  After this term he will eligible for re-election one more time.

John Gunning
John Gunning grew up in Crystal Lake, Ohio and attended The University of Michigan where he received a BS, MS, and PhD in Nuclear Engineering.  He worked for Bechtel for 25 years and for Oak Ridge National Lab for 10. While in Florida for six years, he worked on designing and supervising upgrades and modifications to the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant (NPP).  He also worked at TVA’s Brown’s Ferry NPP for six months.

John moved to Oak Ridge with Bechtel in 1990, joined ORNL in 2003, and retired from ORNL at the end of 2013.  He has work experience in power plant maintenance, solid state physics, neutron scattering, development of proton pulsed neutron source, nuclear power plant design and licensing, nuclear waste disposal site design and licensing, environmental remediation, radiation safety analysis. He worked on Russian nuclear facilities for the U.S. government. He was a nuclear facility safety engineer for ORNL 3019-B. He has been active in the American Nuclear Society, being the founding Chair of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Division as well as Chair of the Decommissioning and Decontamination Division.  

He was on the Board of Directors of the Oak Ridge Playhouse for 10 years, being Secretary for much of this time, and is a tenor in Grace Lutheran Church’s Choir.  
After retirement at the end of 2013, he and his wife Susan began cruising aboard their Camano 31’ trawler named Nuclear Fishin. 

After filling the unexpired term of a member who resigned, he is seeking the second year. After this term, he will be eligible for re-election one more time. 

Outgoing Board Members
We extend our sincere appreciation for their service to Barry Berven, who resigned after serving part of his first term due to illness. John Gunning was elected to the Board to fill his unexpired term. 

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The Friends of ORNL (FORNL) is a non-profit organization of persons interested in fostering the scientific goals of the OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN, USA.

We are scientists and engineers, as well as individuals from varied backgrounds, who believe we can increase the nation's technological awareness by providing information to teachers, students, and the general public.

FORNL is collecting dues for the 2017 calendar year; the annual dues for 2017 are $20. If you want to gamble that you will live 10 years or more, consider a life membership at $200 and in the future, forget about whether you have paid.  An up-to-date list of members and their dues status will be available for viewing at the meeting.  Dues can be paid at a meeting or sent to the FORNL Treasurer (payable to FORNL, Vinod Sikka, Treasurer); or sent to: Vinod Sikka, 115 Dansworth Lane, Oak Ridge, TN 37830).

We are accepting requests for ORNL visitors’ badges from those who have paid their 2017 dues (or who are life members).  To request a visitors’ badge, e-mail Bob Hightower at hightowerjr@comcast.net with your full name (as it appears on your driver license) and a declaration that you are a US citizen.