Friends of ORNL Board of Directors

DRAFT Minutes of the September 10, 2018 Meeting


The meeting was called to order by Jim Rushton at 9:30 am at the UT center on the Oak Ridge Turnpike.  Other attendees were Gloria Caton, Chuck Coutant, Al Ekkebus, Kathy Gant, John Gunning, Bob Hightower, Shafik Iskander, Connor Mathews, Dave McVicker, Kent Williams, and Phil Sklad.  Herb Krause and Vic Tennery also attended


Secretary’s Report (Phil Sklad)

The minutes of the August  meeting were approved.


Treasurer’s Report (Vinod Sikka)

No report was presented.


Luncheon Programs (Kent Williams)

The lecture on Micro-organisms by Karen Lloyd from UT will be delayed until next semester.  The lecture on the topic of Isotopes will be presented by Brian Egle on October 8. Kent Williams will ask if he can include some information on Centrifuge Separation and other new projects.  It was suggested that a talk on Artificial Intelligence would be interesting.


Scheduled Programs


Kent Williams is working on the speaker and topic for the October meeting.


Community Lectures: (Bob Hightower and Chuck Coutant) No report.


History Room: (Dave McVicker)

Dave will post future items on the laboratory web site and potentially in the newspaper. will April-June 1958 issues of the ORNL Reporter will be posted. Topics will include a visit to ORNL by Pearl Buck in 1951, the Bulk Shielding Facility, and packaging and shipping of radioisotopes. Articles on the Homogeneous Reactor, the Research Reactor, and Nobelium 102 have been posted on the website.  Questions were raised as to whether the information can be updated, whether the public at the Oak Ridge Library can reference the information on the History Room website, and whether we can connect with the Park Service regarding additional distribution.


Membership Committee: (Gloria Caton and Kathy Gant)

With the addition of David Mullins (see below), the FORNL membership stands at 40 lifetime and 88 regular members for 2018 (total of 128).  The poster will be displayed at the ORNL Benefits Fair. Volunteers are needed.


ORNL Visitor Badges: (Bob Hightower)

David Mullins has requested a visitors badge. That brings the total to 73 in 2018 and one for 2019.


Tours: (Leigha Humphries)

It was suggested that assistants on the tours be formally evaluated for promotion to full Tour Guides.  There will be formal training – please get suggestions to Al Ekkebus.  We will coordinate with CORRE to promote the tours. Getting volunteers is a long-term need, not only for FORNL but for other organizations such as Rotary, the Historic Preservation Society, ORICL, ETEC, etc. Please contact Al Ekkebus with suggestions.  He will co-ordinate with Ray Smith.  It was suggested that the presentation to start the tours be updated with a formal presentation on the “Manhattan Project” at Y-12 and ORNL.  It would cover the 1942-1947 period, as well as the AEC Act from 1947-1992, and the period after the Cold War (1992-present).  Lee Redinger has transperacies that could form the basis of a presentation given at the new museum to start off the tours.


Manhattan Project: (Chuck Coutant, Connor Matthews, Steve Stow, Bob Hightower, Dave McVicker, John Gunning,)

The need to keep communications open with the National Park Service and to coordinate with DOE was emphasized.


Weinberg Papers (Steve Stow and Connor Mathews)

The website is up and running.  Steve and Connor will develop factoids to post on the site. The plaque is administratively set to move to the Children’s Museum which is set to open in October 2018. Julia Bussinger is the new head of ASME.  Jim Rushton will communicate with her regarding our presentation.


Old Business:


Arrangements for Nuclear Opportunities Week have been postponed.  FORNL will coordinate with ORNL to identify a speaker.  Pollard Auditorium is reserved.


New Business:

The Nominating Committee (Jim Rushton, John Gunning, Herb Krause, and Chuck Coutant) will meet to develop a slate of candidates for the board. Jim Rushton will be leaving the Board.  Gloria Caton, Kathy Gant, John Gunning, and Kent Williams are ending their second term. We need one new candidate. Pat Parr was mentioned as a possible new Board Member.


It was suggested that we send minutes to the Historical Preservation Society, D. Ray Smith, and the National Park Service-Manhattan Project contact.


The next regular board meeting will be October 8, 2018 at the UT Center (Always the Monday preceding the second Tuesday luncheon lecture meeting.)


The meeting was adjourned at 10:59am.


Phil Sklad, Secretary.