Friends of ORNL Board of Directors

DRAFT Minutes of the July 9, 2018 Meeting


The meeting was called to order by Jim Rushton at 9:30 am at the UT Center on the Oak Ridge Turnpike.  Other attendees were Gloria Caton, Bob Compton, Chuck Coutant, Kathy Gant, John Gunning, Leigha Humphries, Herb Krause, Connor Mathews, Dave McVicker, Vinod Sikka, Steve Stow, and Kent Williams. Shafik Iskander and Vic Tennery also attended.


Announcements (Jim Rushton)

Remembrances and Moment of Silence for Dr. Richard J. Raridon who passed away on June 17, 2018.


Nuclear Opportunities Week (NOW) October 2-5  

FORNL will sponsor a Community Reception and Lecture at Pollard Center on October 4, 2018.  A speaker for the Community Lecture will be scheduled by ORNL, ETEC, and FORNL.  To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Nuclear Energy, a speaker who can deliver an historical and future look is needed; Dr. Ernest Moniz was invited but he has not yet responded to the invitation (see website


Secretary’s Report (Phil Sklad)

Minutes for the June 11, 2018 FORNL board meeting submitted by Phil Sklad were accepted with suggested minor amendments that will be sent to Phil by Jim Rushton.


Treasurers Report (Vinod Sikka)

The IRS approved our annual 990-N postcard application to retain our 501 (c)(3) charitable status for 2018.  Two 10-month CDs earning 1.16% interest at the ORNL FCU have a combined balance of $10,101.22; the board approved renewal of the CDs at the highest rate at maturity on July 21, 2018.  The savings account earning 0.05% interest has a balance of $5503.99.  Checks for a total of about $1500 have been sent to the AMSE and the Soup Kitchen for services rendered during the LIGO lecture; the current checking account balance (~ $2K) was unavailable at the meeting.


Luncheon Programs (Kent Williams)

Completed program:

June 12, 2018:  Dr. Steve Stow discussed how waste was handled during the early days of Clinton labs.


Scheduled programs:

July 10, 2018: Dr. Raphael Pooser, Senior Research Scientist in the Computational Sciences and Engineering Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, will make a presentation entitled “21st Century Information Technology and the Second Quantum Revolution.”


August 14, 2018:  Dr. Fred Sloop Jr., ORNL Chemical Sciences Division, will discuss “Fluvial Catastrophic Mega Floods.”


September 11, 2018: Fred Haywood, ORNL Health Physics Division retiree, will discuss interesting “Dose Reconstruction” activities that he and his colleagues performed for the first nuclear weapons.


October 9 or November 13, 2018, Karen Lloyd, UTK, will discuss: “Microbes in Weird Places; Life Deep in the Earth.”


Community Lectures (Bob Hightower and Chuck Coutant)

Leslie Wade of Kenyon College presented a lecture on the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) and related research at the AMSE on June 21, 2018 (attendance was 75-85 people).


Thomas Zacharia, ORNL Laboratory Director, will present a “State of the Lab” program on July 26, 2018 at ORAU’s Pollard auditorium.  Refreshments will be served at 5:30 p.m. followed by the lecture at 6:00 p.m. The OR Public School Foundation is a co-sponsor for this talk.


History Room (Dave McVicker) Dave wrote the column on “Treasures from the Archives” included in the last 45 issues of the ORNL Reporter.  This publication will soon go solely electronic.  A listing for obituaries of well-known ORNL people is being kept.



Membership Committee (Gloria Caton and Kathy Gant)

The FORNL poster was updated by Gloria and displayed at the LIGO lecture but a photograph of the current board is needed. A number of inactive members (as determined using current and past dues records) in the FORNL membership list were moved by Kathy from the active list to either the “Inactive” or “In Memoriam” sections.  The FORNL membership in good standing is currently 124 members (39 life and 85 regular members).  (This compares to 114 members for the 2017 membership year ending last September).  John Gunning agreed to take the place of Bob Hightower collecting FORNL dues and new member applications at the July 10 luncheon meeting.


ORNL Visitor Badges (Bob Hightower) No Report


Tours (Leigha Humphries)

Leigha reported the Tulane AMSE will close in late September, before the new museum opens.  After the new AMSE opens, the tours will depart from Y-12’s New Hope Center (and see New Business).


Lab Liaison (Leigha Humphries)

Community attendance at ORNL’s Lab Day on June 9, 2018 exceeded expectation (about 4000-4500 visitors); there were long lines for the tours. Success was made possible by about 550 volunteers, about 100 staff, and the ORNL security staff.  Also see the New Business, item 1) discussion.


Manhattan Project (Chuck Coutant, Connor Matthews, Steve Stow, Bob Hightower, Dave McVicker, Dick Raridon, John Gunning, Bob Olson) – No Report


Weinberg Papers (Steve Stow and Connor Matthews)

Steve Stow forwarded the link to the Weinberg Papers project at the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge to all FORNL Board members.  The link is: It is time to copy and paste it on your Facebook page, tweet it on Twitter, post it on Instagram and SnapChat, and send it in email to your friends!  Here, you can view the Youtube video about Weinberg.  FORNL is also recognized for its monetary contribution to the Project on the CMOR site.


Old Business:    

Completion of reimbursements by ORNL and FORNL for Professor Leslie Wade‘s expenses. 

ORNL agreed to pay for travel, lodging and per diem expenses of the speaker. FORNL agreed to paying an undisclosed amount for the speaker’s honorarium. John Gunning agreed to work with Leslie Wade to obtain receipts for his expenses and submit them for ORNL reimbursement.  Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri of the ORNL Physics Division will facilitate the ORNL reimbursement.  The final reimbursement decision was to split total costs about 50-50%, ORNL vs. FORNL, respectively.


New Business:   

1)  Identification of FORNL leader for coordination with DOE Tours (Rushton and Humphries)

Following an extended broad discussion about a path forward, Leigha Humphries agreed to contact potential leaders and invite them to our next board meeting.  Dick Raridon’s replacement should serve on the FORNL board.  (On July 12th, she met with Norm Dobbs and Glenda Bingham at the AMSE regarding some upcoming revisions to the bus tour during the period between closure of the Tulane location and the opening of the new AMSE facility. She mentioned the discussion of the board meeting regarding FORNL’s desire to get some additional support for the coordination role that Dick Raridon played and which Norm and Glenda have picked up in the weeks since his hospitalization and passing. They were receptive to coming to the next FORNL board meeting and discussing a potential path forward with the group.)


2)  Arrangements for Nuclear Opportunities Week Reception and Community Lecture on October 4.   (Deferred discussion but see the Announcement section for general information.)   


Next regular board meeting: 9:30 a.m., Monday, August 13, 2018, UT Center. (Always the Monday preceding the second Tuesday luncheon lecture meeting)


The meeting was adjourned at 11:14 a.m.


Herb Krause, Acting Secretary