Friends of ORNL Board of Directors of
Minutes of the March 12, 2018 Meeting


The meeting was called to order by Jim Rushton at 9:30 am in a meeting room at the UT Center on the Oak Ridge Turnpike. Other attendees were Gloria Caton, Bob Compton, Chuck Coutant, Al Ekkebus, Kathy Gant, Philip Sklad, Connor Matthews, Dave McVicker, Dick Raridon, and Steve Stow. Vic Tennery also attended.


Jim Rushton reported that FORNL had received a check from ORNL for $3,000 targeted for the Community Lectures. Bob Hightower is staying in Michigan with his daughter for recovery after his hip replacement. He is expected back at the end of April.  Herb Krause is still recovering from knee surgery and will be in a cast for six weeks plus rehabilitation.

SECRET  RY’S REPORT  (the minutes as submitted by Phil Sklad were approved with minor amendments).


TREASURERS REPORT (Sikka) Vinod reported that FORNL has $5062.91 in the savings account and $1862.01 in the checking account.  The CD is now valued at $10152. 73.



Soup Kitchen will now plan for 55 people. Scheduled Programs


March 13, 2018

Robert Kennedy of Tetra Tech will discuss “Renewable Energy Systems in Africa”.


April 10, 2018

Barry Stephenson, president of the Materials and Chemistry Laboratory (MClinc) located in Oak Ridge


Community Lectures

See New Business


History Room (Dave McVicker)

Fred Strohl is retired and will no longer be submitting ‘Treasures from the Archives to the ‘ORNL Reporter’.  The ‘Reporter’ will only be available as an electronic publication (See ORNL Reporter Archives).  ‘Treasures from the Archive’ will be ending.  Dave will contact Leigha Humphries to see whether the ‘Reporter’ will continue.


Membership Committee (Gloria Caton and Kathy Gant)

It was reported that there have been a lot of retirements (both voluntary and involuntary) due to the ongoing reduction in force at ORNL.  They will attempt to update the membership files if and when the information becomes available. Rushton asked Board Members to reach out to contacts to try to keep abreast of these retirements and send names to Kathy and Gloria, so that FORNL can recruit them.
Kathy reported that the sign-up sheets for dues from the last monthly meeting were difficult to read. She and Gloria developed a new version.  FORNL added one new Lifetime Member - Fred Peretz.  Gloria will send the updated email list to all board members.


ORNL Visitor Badges

A new procedure will be developed in Bob Hightower’s absence. Chuck Coutant will substitute for Bob until he returns. Chuck has 16 badges to distribute. Need email request stating that they are U.S. citizens and also have photo ID.


Tours (Dick Raridon)

The next tour is scheduled for 3/27. There have been 3 tours thus far (34 people per bus).  People are signing up on-line for 16 slots.   More people can join a tour on the day of the tour. There have been 4000 participants over the period from March through November 2017. Many people cannot get a place.  Barbara Penland who has been involved in scheduling the tours has retired. Dick reported that construction has started on a visitor center on top of the firehouse at K-25. They have also started construction on a 4-story tower to see the footprint of K-25.  There will be an orientation meeting for guides on 2/21.  Annalisa Conover will take over for Ray Smith.  Connor Matthews reported that they are trying to schedule tours of the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF) to accommodate interest following the presentation by Bill Peters.


Lab Liaison (Leigha Humphries)

No report


Manhattan Project (Chuck Coutant, Connor Matthews, Steve Stow, Bob Hightower, Dave McVicker, Dick Raridon, Bob Olson)

No report.


Weinberg Papers

FORNL sent $2000 to the Children’s Museum to support Selma Shapiro’s daughter, Rhonda, efforts to archive papers for the Weinberg memorial DVD.  An archivist has been hired. Y-12 will scan the papers. Twenty Weinberg DVDs were donated by FORNL.  Y-12 also has a number of historical films archived.


Old Business

Rushton reported that the Annual Report is almost complete.  He is seeking photos to include.


Steve Stow asked what FORNL does to distribute information, reports, etc., to membership and the public.  Some information is shared with members at luncheon meetings.  A press release summarizing activities will be sent to Darryl Richardson of Oak Ridge Today and a synopsis of activities will be sent to Brittany Crocker at the Knoxville News Sentinel.


New Business

Jim Rushton initiated a discussion of the FORNL website.  Presently it contains the names, email addresses, addresses, and phone numbers of the board members.  Jim will contact Shafik Iskander to change the site to include only the names of Board Members and the contact information for the President and Vice-president.  He will also ask him to post FORNL information from the ORNL Reporter.

Archives site.

Chuck Coutant will check with Sigma Xi to see if we can identify potential speakers form their list. Possible topics include Climate Change, Sea Level Rise Global Warming, etc.

It was suggested that FORNL and ORNL and UT collaborate in identifying (and possibly sharing) speakers. Jim Rushton will check with Leigha Humphries on the availability of Thomas Zacharia.  Other possible speakers include, Frank Munger, Someone from TVA Jeff Wadsworth, etc.  And that Bob Compton will contact ORHS regarding a program to provide speakers to the high school.


Connor Mathews suggested that FORNL investigate modern techniques (streaming, etc.) for reaching a larger audience. He will also see what is required to get some of his recordings from luncheon lectures, other past speaker, etc. on-line  (with permission of the presenter).


There was a brief discussion of potential sites for large lectures when the AMSE is no longer available after May.  Suggestions included ORAU Auditorium, the New Hope Center, and a potential site in West Knoxville.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:51am. Philip Sklad, Secretary