Friends of ORNL Board of Directors

Draft Minutes of the October 8, 2018 Meeting


The meeting was called to order by Jim Rushton at 9:30 am at the UT Center on the Oak Ridge Turnpike.  Other attendees were Gloria Caton, Chuck Coutant, Kathy Grant, John Gunning, Bob Hightower, Shafik Iskander, Connor Matthews, Dave McVicker, Steve Stow, Kent Williams, and Phil Sklad.  Herb Krause also attended.


There was a brief discussion of the new Science and Energy Museum.  The official opening will be October 18, 2018.  Tour guides and science educators will give talks.  The conference room has a capacity of 150.  Bus tours will now leave from the museum.


Secretary’s Report (Phil Sklad)

The minutes of the September meeting were approved.  It was suggested that the minutes of FORNL meetings be sent to the Manhattan Park Superintendent.


Treasurer’s Report (Vinod Sikka)

All bills have been paid and checks deposited.  The CD was renewed at 2.55%.


Luncheon Programs (Kent Williams)

The speaker for the October meeting will be Kenneth Roy speaking on the topic of Terraforming  Planetary Systems of Distant Stars.


The November program, “Direct Air Capture of Carbon Dioxide”, will be presented by Dr. Radu Custelcean and Dr. Neil Williams of the Chemical Sciences Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


It was noted that the President and CEO of EPRI will locate in Knoxville and would be a potential future speaker.


Community Lectures. (Bob Hightower and Chuck Coutant)

No report. It was noted that there will be a new Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Engineering who would be a possible speaker.


History Room (Dave McVicker)

The July-September issues of the ORNL Reporter were posted on the website. Topics included the visit of Alvin Weinberg to the White House and the presentation of the Medal of Freedom for Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy to Admiral Lewis Straus in Geneva. Professor E. O. Lawrence dies. A Multi-curie Fission Products Pilot Plant began operation. Mark Ubran named Division Director for International

Space Station and International Activities at ITER.


Membership Committee (Gloria Caton and Kathy Gant.)

With the addition of 2 new members there are now 40 Lifetime Members and 88 paid memberships. FORNL has registered for the ORNL Wellness and Benefit Fair on October 18.  A request was made to be located near ORICL.

ORNL Visitors Badges (Bob Hightower)

FORNL is getting requests for 2019.  Bob will follow up.



Participation for all of the bus tours in September was in the low 20s. New signage will be in place starting October1 . Tours will start at ASME.  Tours will be M,W, F in October and change to M and F in November.  Al Ekkebus will announce the change at the FORNL meeting tomorrow.  Norm Dobbs and Glenda Bingham will have docents available.  While some docents remain  from AMSE additional volunteers will be needed. Al Ekkebus will coordinate at ORICL.


Manhattan Project (Chuck Coutant, Connor Mathews, Steve Stow, Bob Hightower, Dave McVicker, John Gunning)

Announcements of periodic hikes and lectures will be made in the Oak Ridger.


Weinberg Papers (Steve Stow and Connor Mathews)

Ronnie Bogard is giving a presentation on the papers to the Evening Rotary Club.  Connor stated that we are contributing Weinberg factoids to the website.  The Weinberg plaque and the American Chemical Society plaque on the Isotope Program will be moved to the Children’s Museum.


Nominating Committee (Jim Rushton, John Gunning, Herb Krause, and Chuck Coutant)

We need one new member for the board. The committee will develop a list of potential candidates.


New Business

Jennifer Tyrell is requesting a $1500 contribution for support of the Tennessee Science Bowl February 22-23, 2019. A motion was made and approved. Jim Rushton will ask Vinod Sikka to make the contribution.


John Rather will hold Symposium TVIW 2018: The Power of Synergy, October 23-25 in Oak Ridge.


Hans Christian will present a talk at the Oak Ridge Roane State Campus in room      A-111 on October 9 at 3pm.


The Secret City Radio Show, WDVX, 89.9 FM, will air from the new AMSE on October 19 from 7-8:30.  Tickets ($28) are required


The meeting adjourned at 10:59am.


Phil Sklad, Secretary.