Friends of ORNL

Compilation of Luncheon Lecture Speakers from 2004 to 2016


November, 2016 Costas Tsouris, ORNL, Uranium from Seawater.


October, 2016  Dr. Joseph J. Shonka, ORNL and UT, Radiation Hazards to Flight Crews.


September, 2016 Ower C. Onar, ORNL, ORNL Progress in Wireless Power Transfer

  Systems for EV Charging Applications.


August, 2016   John Galambos, Director of the Spallation Neutron Source Second Target Station Project Office at ORNL, The SNS Second Target Station Project.


July, 2016        Robert Kennedy, Tetra Tech Inc., Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop.


June, 2016       Professor Michael Guidry, Physics and Astronomy Department at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Gravitational Waves.


May, 2016       Tim Powers, Director of the Research Reactors Division (RRD) in the Neutron Sciences Directorate at ORNL,

High Flux Isotope Reactor: Celebrating History and Moving Forward.


April, 2016      Dr. Lou Qualls, ORNL Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate,

 Space Nuclear Power.


March, 2016    Richard Cook, Oak Ridge book author,

Ignored Heroes of World War II: The Manhattan Project Workers of

 Oak Ridge.


February, 2016            Dave Adler, DOE Oak Ridge Operations office,

The Department of the Energy’s Environmental Management Program in

 Oak Ridge.


January, 2016  D. Ray Smith, Oak Ridge Historian,

 Manhattan Project National Historical Park - an update.


November, 2015 Tom King, Director of Sustainable Electricity Program at ORNL,

 Dream On - How Innovation Will Transform our Electricity Infrastructure. 


October, 2015  Bruce MacLennan, Electrical and Computer Science Department of the

 University of Tennessee, Can a Robot Have a Mind?


September, 2015 Buddy Bland, Project Director Oak Ridge Leadership Computing

  Facility, World Leading Computing and Computational Science at ORNL.


August, 2015   Gina Tourassi, ORNL Director for Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Center,

 Data-Driven Health Innovations at ORNL.


July, 2015         Johney Green, ORNL Director for Energy and Transportation Sciences,

 Sustainable Transportation Program: Delivering Innovation.


June, 2015       Michelle Buchanan, ORNL Associate Laboratory Director for Physical Sciences,

 Grand Challenge Science Questions in Materials and Chemical Sciences.


May, 2015       Barry Stephenson, President and CEO of Material and Chemistry Laboratory,

Inc., Excellence is a Choice, as related Oak Ridge Public Schools Education Foundation (ORPSEF).


April, 2015      Dr. Ben Preston, Deputy Director of ORNL's Climate Change Science Institute,

 The State of Climate Change Science and Policy: Local to Global.


March, 2015    Dr. Ken Tobin, Director of the Electrical and Electronics Systems Research

(EESR) Division at ORNL, Telemedical Screening to Reduce Blindness from

 Diabetic Retinopathy.


February, 2015            Dr. Brian Davidson, ORNL, The BioEnergy Science Center:  An Integrated

 Strategy to Understand and Overcome Biomass Recalcitrance.


January, 2015  Patrick Hughes, ORNL's Building Technologies Research and Integration

 Center (BTRIC), Building Energy Efficiency R&D at ORNL: What’s New.


November, 2014   Douglas B, Kothe, ORNL, CASL: The Consortium for Advanced Simulation

     of Light Water Reactors; A DOE Energy Innovation Hub. 


October, 2014 Dr. Robert Lauf, ORNL retiree, Radioactive Minerals.


September, 2014 Dr. Piotr Zolnierczuk, ORNL SNS, Germany's Part of the SNS -- A Polish

                          Scientist's Experience.


August, 2014   Dr. T. J. Blasing, retired ORNL ESD, Climate Change Research at ORNL.


July, 2014        Dr. James Roberto, head of Science and Technology Partnerships at ORNL, Technology Transfer, Industry Partnerships and Graduate Education.


June, 2014       Ms. Lee McGetrick, Carbon Fiber Technology Facility, The CFTF mission and recent successes.


May, 2014       Dr. Graeme Murdoch of ORNL, U.S. ITER Superconducting Systems.


April, 2014      Dr. Hans Vogel of ORNL, U.S. ITER Nuclear Systems.


March, 2014    Dr. Brad Nelson of ORNL, ITER overview.


February, 2014            Omer Onar of ORNL, Wireless Battery Charging for Vehicles.


January, 2014  Melissa Voss Lapsa, Deputy Director of ORNL’s Building Technologies Research and Integration Center, The award winning sustainability program at ORNL.


November, 2013 Katie Corcoran, Ph.D. Student in Anthropology at the University of Tennessee and graduate intern in the Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, The Remote Detection of Unmarked Graves.  


October, 2013 Dr. Bruce Warmack of ORNL’s Measurement Science and Systems Engineering Division, The ORNL-developed Smart Smoke Alarm.


September, 2013 Michael Whitaker, ORNL, Recent IAEA training program held at ORNL for more than 40 safeguards professionals and regulatory officials.


August, 2013   Dr. Jeff A. Nichols, Associate Laboratory Director for ORNL’s Computing and Computational Sciences Directorate, Leadership Computers as Instruments of Discovery. 


July, 2013        Dr. Cymbeline (Bem) Culiate, Founder, Chief Scientific Officer and Scientific Board Chairman of NellOne Therapeutics, Inc., Clinical applications of the Nell1 protein in skeletal muscle wound healing and treatment of cardiovascular disorders.


June, 2013       Dr. Liyuan Liang, ORNL, Recent discovery of genes associated with the production of methyl mercury in the environment.


May, 2013          Dr. Lonnie Love, ORNL group leader, Automation, Robotics, and Manufacturing, Development of 3D Printing and other Advanced Manufacturing Applications at ORNL


April, 2013         Dr. Martin Keller, Associate Laboratory Director, Energy and Environmental Sciences, ORNL, On The Way To a Sustainable World—Are We Too Late


March, 2013       Dr. Anthony King, Environmental Sciences Division, ORNL, Energy, Climate Change, and Adaptation: An Ecologist’s Perspective


February, 2013   Dr. Klaus Daniel, Deputy Director of ORNL’s Sustainable Transportation Program, Electrification of Transportation: Cost and Opportunities


January, 2013     Dr. Sean C. Smith, Director, Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, ORNL. Nanoscale Science and the Exploration of New Materials, Functionality and Applications.


October, 2012     John W. Krueger, Isotope Production Manager, Fuel Cycle and Isotopes Division, ORNL and recently Federal Project Director for U-233 Disposal Project, on loan from ORNL to DOE. U-233 Disposition from ORNL:  An Innovative Path Forward.


September, 2012 Dr. John Kyle P. Mueller, Post-Doctoral Fellow, ORNL. The Development of a Mobile Gait Analysis System for Military Populations with Lower Limb Prosthetics.


August, 2012      Dr. Donald Batchelor, Research Professor, Univ. of Tenn., recently retired from Fusion Energy Division, ORNL, An Overview of Fusion Energy Research.


July, 2012           Frank Munger, Senior Writer, Knoxville News Sentinel/ Somebody Stole My Dosimeter: Looking Back Lightly on a 30-Year Adventure.


June, 2012          Dr. Paul J. Hanson, Distinguished Staff Member, Environmental Sciences Division, ORNL.  Spruce-Peatland Responses Under Climatic and Environmental Change: Using Experimental Systems to Glimpse the Future.


May, 2012          Dr. Gene Ice, Director, Materials Science and Technology Division, ORNL.

X-ray and Neutron Optics for Spatially-Resolved Characterization of Materials.


April, 2012         Dr. Kent A. Williams, retired ORNL chemical engineer and consultant to Idaho National Laboratory. A Walk Through the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: the Last 46 Years.


March, 2012       Ziyuan Liu and Cassee Cain, Oak Ridge High School winners of the 2011 national Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology team award. Using Kinect for Xbox 360 and Computer Vision to Analyze Human Gait.


February, 2012   Dr. Jess Gehin, ORNL Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division, Lead for Reactor Technology R&D Integration. Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL).


January, 2012     Lee McGetrick, ORNL Energy and Environmental Sciences Directorate, Director, Carbon Fiber Technology Facility (CFTF), Carbon Fiber Technology Facility (CFTF)


October, 2011     John Waggoner, Consultant, TerraPower, LLC, Traveling Wave Reactor.


September, 2011 Mike Paulus, Director-Technology Transfer, ORNL, ORNL Innovations That Have Impacted America.


August, 2011      Daniel Ingersoll, Senior Program Manager, Reactors and Nuclear Systems Division at ORNL, Small Modular Reactors and the Second Nuclear Era.


July, 2011           Pat Parr, Natural Resources Manager for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ORNL's Sustainable Landscaping Initiative.


June, 2011          Mr. Phil Andrews, ORAU Vice President of Business Operations and Chief Financial Officer,  Overview of Oak Ridge Associated Universities


May, 2011          Dr. Elias Greenbaum, Chemical Sciences Division, ORNL, The DOE Artificial Retina Program


April, 2011         Dr. Randy K. Nanstad, Group Leader of the Nuclear Materials Science and Technology Group of the Materials Science and Technology Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Containing the Reactor Core - Historical and Current Pressure Vessel Research for Nuclear Reactors


March, 2011       Dr. Glenn Cada, Senior Research Staff Member at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Efforts to Ensure the Environmentally Sound Development of New Marine and Freshwater Hydrokinetic Energy Technology


February, 2011   Dr. Brandon Prins, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Tennessee, Controlling the Bomb.


January, 2011     Dr. Madhavi Martin,  ORNL Environmental Sciences Division, Use of Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) in Forensics Applications.


October, 2010     Tim Myrick, Living Waters for the World Organization, Living Waters for the World brings Clean Water to Appalachia


September, 2010 Steve Stow, ORNL Retiree and History Room Volunteer, ORNL History Room Activities.


August, 2010      Robert G. Kennedy, III, The Ultimax Group, Inc., The Real Goldeneye: A Personal Account of the Star Wars Program.


July, 2010           James B. Roberto, Director of Strategic Capabilities, The Recent Discovery Of Element 117.


June, 2010          Syd Ball, Advanced Reactor Systems and Safety Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Gas Cooled Reactors


May, 2010          Gary Mays, Advanced Reactor Systems and Safety Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Small Modular Reactors: Benefits, Challenges, and Siting.


April, 2010         Dr. Barry Goss, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Pro2Serve, Overview of Pro2Serve.


March, 2010       Robert M. Whitten Jr., User Assistance and Outreach Group of the National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS), Secret City and Supercomputers: Oak Ridge Then and Now.


February, 2010   Murray Rosenthal, An Account of ORNL’s Thirteen Nuclear Reactors.


January, 2010     Julie Ezold, Nuclear Material Processing Group of the Nuclear Science and Technology Division, Isotope Production at ORNL.


October, 2009     Claus Daniel, Lithium Ion Batteries: Challenges and Opportunities.


September, 2009 Gary Adkins, Senior Project Manager, Nuclear Generation and Development, TVA, Nuclear Power: Part of Our Future.


August, 2009      Larry Satkowiak, Director, Global Security and Nonproliferation Programs, Nuclear Terrorism and ORNL’s Role in Preventing It.


July, 2009           Ned Sauthoff, Head of the ITER Project Office at the ORNL, ITER: Bringing a Star to Earth.


June, 2009          Bill Reich, Transportation Security Program, Transportation Security of Nuclear Materials


May, 2009          David Erickson, Computer Science and Mathematics Division, Global climate modeling: Physics, Satellites, Chemistry, Energy Prediction and Treaty Verification


April, 2009         Bob Perlack, Environmental Sciences Division, Reality: US Lands Can Produce The Ethanol To Displace One-Third Of US Petroleum Consumption


March, 2009       Laura Edwards, Center for Nanophase Materials Science, Nanoscience: Tiny Treasures


February, 2009   Wayne Manges, Industrial Wireless Program, ORNL's Worldwide Leadership in Industrial Wireless Technology


January, 2009     Alan Liby, Industrial and Economic Development Partnerships, Using the New Oak Ridge Science and Technology Park at ORNL to Create New Partnerships with Industry.


October, 2008     Johney Green, Fuels, Energy and Transportation Science Division, Current Activities of the Fuels, Energy and Transportation Science Division.


September, 2008 Ken Tobin, Measurement Science and Systems Engineering Division, Current Activities of the Measurement Science and Systems Engineering Division.


August, 2008      Amy Rothrock, DOE-ORO, Ask and You Shall Receive (Freedom of Information Act Activities).


July, 2008           Tilden Meyers, Director of Turbulent Exchange Measurements and Modeling in the Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division, NOAA Oak Ridge, ATDD Programs and Activities in Oak Ridge.


June, 2008          Vinod Sikka, Corporate Fellow of UT-Battelle and a Fellow of ASM International, The Impact Of Materials Developed at ORNL On The Local and National Economy.


May, 2008          Gary Jacobs, Director, Environmental Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Climate Change: The Energy-Carbon-Water Nexus.


April, 2008         Virginia Dale, Environmental Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Lessons from the 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens.


March, 2008       Brian Davison, Director, Life Sciences Division, Overview of the Bioenergy Science Center at ORNL.


February, 2008   Jimmy Stone, Director, Facilities Management Division, Overview of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Operational and Infrastructure Improvements.


January, 2008     Jim Rushton, Director, Nuclear Science and Technology Division, Revitalization of Nuclear Power in the U. S.


October, 2007     Pat Parr, Natural Resources Manager for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Changing Landscapes: ORNL and Oak Ridge Reservation.


September, 2007          David Rasmussen, U. S. Iter Project, Overview of the Iter Project.


August, 2007      Jerry A. Klein, Director, Isotope Production and Distribution Program, Overview of the Isotope Production and Distribution Program at ORNL.


July, 2007           Brian Davison, Director, Life Sciences Division, Biomass to Bioethanol: Promises and Challenges.


June, 2007          Keith Kahl, ORNL National Transportation Research Center, Seven Years at NTRC: Where we’ve been….where we’re headed.


May, 2007          Keith Joy, Small Business Programs, ORNL's Small Business Programs Overview.


April, 2007         Robert M. Whitten, Jr., National Center for Computational Sciences at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, An Overview of the National Center for Computational Sciences.


March, 2007       Paul Gubanc, National Security Directorate, Applying ORNL's Scientific Expertise in Support of our Nation.


February, 2007   David L. Beshears, Project Manager/Senior Research and Development Scientist, Engineering Science and Technology Division, ORNL, Hybrid Solar Lighting at ORNL.


January, 2007     Walter Dykas, Chief Cyber Security Officer, ORNL, Cyber Security in the Enterprise and at Home.


November, 2006 Tommy Phelps, Environmental Sciences Division, ORNL, NanoFermentation: microbial production of designed nanoscale magnetic materials.


October, 2006     Dr. Wang Lau, Former TVA nuclear engineer, The Chinese and Their Nuclear Power Program.


September, 2006 John Shewairy, Director of Public Affairs, ORO, Current Events and a Look to the Future for the Oak Ridge Operations Office.


August, 2006      Jeff Muhs, ORNL staff member, A Year on Capital Hill: A Scientist-Engineer's Experience as a Science and Energy Advisor.


July, 2006           John Haines, Spallation Neutron Source, Highlights of the SNS.


June, 2006          Ron Townsend, president of Oak Ridge Associated Universities, ORAU - Its Current Activities and Impact on the Community.


May, 2006          Tony Wright, Engineering Science and Technology Division, Energy - Reducing Industrial Energy Costs.


April, 2006         Thomas Watkins, High Temperature Materials Laboratory, Title?


March, 2006       Marilyn Brown, Interim director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory Engineering Science and Technology Division, Climate Change Technologies: Seeking Better and More Cost-Effective Solutions


February, 2006   Charles Forsberg, Nuclear Science and Technology Division, The Advanced High-Temperature Reactor: Back to the Future with Liquid [sic: Metals?] and Molten Salt.

January, 2006     Larry Bryant, TVA, TVA Nuclear Power Program


November, 2005 David Hill, Associate Laboratory Director, Energy and Engineering Science, Overview of ORNL’s Energy and Engineering Science Activities  


October, 2005     Dr. Michael Smith, ORNL Physics Division, The Rare Isotope Accelerator


September, 2005 Dr. Eli Greenbaum, ORNL Chemical Sciences Division, Photosynthesis Research


August, 2005      Dr. Madhavi Martin, ORNL Physics Division, What’s New in Spectrometers?


July, 2005           Lanny Bates, ORNL Facilities Development Division, ORNL Modernization Update.


June, 2005          Richard Kettelle, Bechtel Jacobs Company, Environmental Restoration.


May, 2005          Brian Davison, Life Sciences Division, Research in Complex Biology—Life Sciences Division.


April, 2005         Linda Horton, Center for Nanophase Sciences, Center for Nanophase Sciences: ORNL’s Newest User Facility


March, 2005       Tim Myrick, ORNL Loaned Executive, and Pat Postma, University of Tennessee, Retired, Latest Status of the New Oak Ridge High School.


February, 2005   Greg Marland, Environmental Sciences Division, Global Climate Change: What’s New?


January, 2005     Ian S. Anderson, Spallation Neutron Source Update.


December, 2004 E. Lara-Curzio, The Columbia Mission—Materials Research


November, 2004 Jim Rushton, Director, Nuclear Science and Engineering Technology Division, Re-emergence of Nuclear Power.


October, 2004     Bill Knee, National Transportation Research Center, Intelligent Transportation.


September, 2004 Larry Allard, High Temperature Materials Laboratory, New High Power Electron Microscope.


August, 2004      Reinhold Mann, Associate Laboratory Director for Biological and Environmental Sciences, The Future of Biological and Environmental Research at ORNL.


July, 2004           Kris Johnson, Park Ranger, Great Smokey Mountains National Park, Exotic Plant Pest Management in East Tennessee.


June, 2004          Ken Greene, Principal Oak Ridge High School, ORHS Update.


May, 2004          Pat Parr, ORNL Reservation Manager, The Oak Ridge Reservation.


April, 2004         Dick Phillipone, DOE Safeguards and Security, Practical Nuclear Safeguards and ORNL.


March, 2004       Jim Kulesz, SensorNet


February, 2004   Gerald Boyd, Manager ORO, Reflections After a Year in Oak Ridge.


January, 2004     Norbert Holtkamp, ORNL, A Leading Acellerator Lab in the U. S.


Compiled by Bob Hightower, Chuck Coutant and Herb Krause