ORNL Media Highlights: Dec. 11-14, 2017


Greg LeMond, three-time Tour de France winner, to speak at fundraiser Tuesday

Oak Ridge Today reported Tour de France winner Greg LeMond, who is partnering with ORNL on a Laboratory-developed carbon fiber technology for the manufacture of lighter bicycles, was scheduled to speak Dec. 12 during a fundraising event for the historic Oak Ridge Playhouse, which receives support from UT-Battelle.

Dec. 11



Sen. Lamar Alexander must save the EPA from gutting by President Trump and his allies

The guest column published in the Knoxville News Sentinel, which is part of the USA Today Network-Tennessee, urges Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., to opposed proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, which among various locations in Tennessee is connected to cleanup work taking place at ORNL.

Dec. 11



How to throttle down on car costs and save thousands

This USA Today published in the Arizona Republic and other Gannett newspapers about ways to save money on auto maintenance costs includes information from an ORNL report noting aggressive driving cuts down on fuel mileage efficiency.

Dec. 12



New technology helping de-ice roads

WATE-TV, Knoxville’s ABC affiliate, aired this story about an ORNL-developed technology which can determine how much salt should be used on the roadways based on the specific location as a way to more efficiently treat roadways and save money in the process.

Dec. 12



Lebanon welcomes Chinese visitors

The Lebanon (Tenn.) Democrat reported a group participating in the first U.S.-China Joint Symposium on the nexus of food, energy and water systems – part of the Food-Energy-Water Systems Research Network’s working with ORNL and the University of Tennessee on issues related to its mission along with environmental concerns – toured a Middle Tennessee gasification plant as an example of how such a facility can help solve environmental challenges of interest to the organization.

Dec. 13


Contaminated Molten Salt Reactor Experiment may be entombed in concrete

The Knoxville News Sentinel, which is part of the USA Today Network-Tennessee, reported part of the contaminated site at the old Molten Salt Reactor Experiment (MSRE) located at ORNL may be entombed in concrete, according to Jay Mullis, manager of the Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management.

Dec. 14



‘Femi’ has program for safer winter roads

The Farragut Press published this story about ORNL researcher Olufermi Omitaomu studying the street system of the Knoxville suburb of Farragut and how those streets can be better treated for snow and ice based on the ORNL road de-icing technology he helped to develop.

Dec. 14