ORNL Media Highlights Jan. 19-28, 2018


Are Surgery-Free Endometriosis Diagnoses on the Horizon?

ORNL's Melissa Cregger was interviewed by Everyday Health about a recent study that evaluated the connection between bacterial diversity and endometriosis. https://www.everydayhealth.com/endometriosis/surgery-free-endometriosis-diagnosis-on-horizon/

Jan. 19


Government shutdown has varying impacts in East Tennessee

WBIR reported that ORNL was unaffected by the government shutdown.


Jan. 22


Ask the Experts: Does Rising CO2 Benefit Plants?

Scientific American interviewed ORNL's Rich Norby about the effects of rising carbon dioxide levels on plants.


Jan. 23


Brainy Little UT Robot May Hold Key To Smart, Unmanned Drones And Vehicles

Brittany Crocker interviewed ORNL's Katie Schuman Jan. 19 about a project in collaboration with University of Tennessee engineering students to design better robots through machine learning.


Jan. 23


Hearing Examines Energy Technology and Auto Industry Innovation

Moe Khaleel, ORNLís associate lab director for energy and environmental sciences, was among the witnesses at the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Jan. 25 field hearing at the 2018 Washington Auto Show on energy technology and auto industry innovations. The hearing was broadcast by C-SPAN.


Jan. 25


In the dead of winter, plants are already starting to prepare for spring ó underground

Public Radio International posted an article recapping a Science Friday discussion with Colleen Iversen on how plant roots function in permafrost and other cold climates.


Jan. 28