Treasures from the Archives

Taken from ORNL, “The News” Jan-Mar 1961


      A complex 350 ton “mechanical handyman” is being built for the Experimental Gas-Cooled Reactor (EGCR) to permit remote servicing of the reactor while in operation.  This 55-foot high service machine will be mounted on a bridge crane over the reactor pressure vessel which contains the reactor core.  The primary purpose is to be able to install or remove control rods, television viewing devices, experimental equipment, and instrumentation from within the EGCR reactor pressure vessel.  The service machine will be operated from a control room through the use of instrumentation, but without visual observation.


      A new reproduction process has been installed at ORNL's Technical Information Division.   The process is Xerography, from the Greek “Xerox,” meaning dry, and “graphos,” meaning writing.  Two Xerox-914 machines were placed in the Central Research Library and one in Y-12's Technical Library on a do-it-yourself-basis.  A third machine was placed in Building 4500.


      ORNL was host to over 16,000 visitors during 1960.  This was an increase by approximately three or four thousand during the past two years, based upon increase interest in nuclear research, the Graphite Reactor, ORACLE, Bulk Shielding Reactor, and radioisotope technology.

      One of the primary missions of ORNL is the development of long-range reactor systems, based on the availability and efficient use of uranium and thorium.  Thermal breeder reactors will prove to be the feasible method of “burning the rocks” only if thorium and uranium can be extracted from the rocks at a cost that is not prohibitive in a future nuclear power economy.


      The ORNL Paymaster's Office announced a new service: payroll checks can now be mailed to home addresses.