Benjamin Heath, Tennessee Valley Authority, Knoxville, TN


Regulation of the Tennessee River system was the original objective of TVA when it was established in 1933, and it is still a vitally important mission for the agency.  With an average annual rainfall of 51 inches, the Tennessee Valley receives many benefits of a productive hydrological cycle. TVA must manage the river system for the often-competing operating objectives of navigation, flood damage reduction, power generation, water supply, water quality, and recreation, and it must do so in the context of ongoing changes in the watershed and in the face of uncertainty about meteorological factors, particularly rainfall.  Hear about the strategies TVA engineers employ in seeking optimal outcomes that enhance the quality of life within the Tennessee Valley for nearly 10 million residents.   

Watts Bar Dam

Watts Bar Dam

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Ben Heath is a Water Resource Engineer in the TVA River Forecast Center.  A professional engineer who has been employed by TVA for 11 years, he works with a team of engineers to continuously monitor and schedule the Tennessee River System for the maximum benefit of Tennessee Valley residents. As an East Tennessee native, Ben is motivated to pursue engineering excellence to improve the stewardship of the resources and quality of life for the people of the valley.

Ben Heath