UT-Battelle recognized with Defense Secretary’s Freedom Award

The Department of Defense has recognized UT-Battelle with a 2022 Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award, the highest recognition given by the United States government to employers for their support of staff members who serve as reserve members of the U.S. Armed Forces, known collectively as the Reserve component.

Fernanda Santos: Digging into charred landscapes for clues to carbon storage

With wildfires increasing in scope and intensity around the world, Fernanda Santos’ research into how such calamities affect soil carbon storage has taken on new urgency.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory soil biogeochemist has been digging into charred landscapes to better understand what happens to belowground biodiversity after such disturbances and how that affects the soil carbon cycle.

Using fusion technology, scientists probe the depths of the earth

Researchers in the geothermal energy industry are joining forces with fusion experts at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory to repurpose gyrotron technology, a tool used in fusion. Gyrotrons produce high-powered microwaves to heat up fusion plasmas.

Inland water carbon emissions on the rise

Global carbon emissions from inland waters such as lakes, rivers, streams and ponds are being undercounted by about 13% and will likely continue to rise given climate events and land use changes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists found.

Improving materials for energy storage, generation

A multi-lab research team led by Paul Kent of Oak Ridge National Laboratory is developing a computer application called QMCPACK to enable precise and reliable predictions of the fundamental properties of materials critical in energy research.

The application uses quantum Monte Carlo simulations to compute material properties down at the level of atoms and electrons. Simulation data will complement experimental data in discovering new materials to improve energy technology from batteries to generation methods.