Melissa Allen-Dumas: Breaking down climate change, one neighborhood at a time

The world is full of “huge, gnarly problems,” as Oak Ridge National Laboratory research scientist and musician Melissa Allen-Dumas puts it — no matter what line of work you’re in. That was certainly the case when she would wrestle with a tough piece of music.

“There are passages in music that are much harder than other passages, and that require much more practice,” said Allen-Dumas, who performed and taught the violin and viola professionally for much of her life. “It’s important to take those and break them down into easier bites for yourself, and to solve smaller problems.”

Powering a clean, electrified future: Burak Ozpineci

Burak Ozpineci started out at Oak Ridge National Laboratory working on a novel project: introducing silicon carbide into power electronics for more efficient electric vehicles. Twenty years later, the car he drives contains those same components and the breadth of his expertise in power systems has earned Ozpineci recognition as an ORNL Corporate Fellow.

Microscopy innovator receives ORNL’s top science honor

A world-leading researcher in solid electrolytes and sophisticated electron microscopy methods received Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s top science honor today for her work in developing new materials for batteries. The announcement was made during a livestreamed Director’s Awards event hosted by ORNL Director Thomas Zacharia.

New biosensors shine a light on CRISPR gene editing

Detecting the activity of CRISPR gene editing tools in organisms with the naked eye and an ultraviolet flashlight is now possible using technology developed at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 

Materials – Fresh twist on heat

discovery by Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers may aid the design of materials that better manage heat. The team observed that atoms vibrating in a twisted crystal drive winding energetic waves that carry heat, like a corkscrew drives a cork from a bottle.