Researchers team up to get a clearer picture of molten salts

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge, Brookhaven and Idaho national laboratories and Stony Brook University have developed a novel approach to gain fundamental insights into molten salts, a heat transfer medium important to advanced energy technologies.

U.S. Secretary of Energy Granholm tours ORNL’s world-class science facilities

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm visited Oak Ridge National Laboratory on Nov. 22 for a two-hour tour, meeting top scientists and engineers as they highlighted projects and world-leading capabilities that address some of the country’s most complex research and technical challenges. The visit featured ORNL’s computational capabilities, basic energy science and bioenergy research, innovations in grid and electrification and novel advanced manufacturing solutions.

Researchers anticipate, help prevent national security consequences of climate crises

Using novel data sets and computing systems, researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are simulating how climate change affects the safety and security of the country. This research can help policy and decision makers at federal, state and local levels quickly identify risk factors and develop real-world mitigation strategies.

Tri-Lab effort makes strides toward increasing supply of Actinium-225

In experiment after experiment, the synthetic radioisotope actinium-225 has shown promise for targeting and attacking certain types of cancer cells.

Although researchers have studied this radioisotope’s cancer-fighting potential for more than two decades, there’s not a Food and Drug Administration-approved treatment using Ac-225 — yet. But with multiple clinical trials now underway, it’s likely that both an approved treatment and increased demand for the radioisotope are in the near future — and the U.S. Department of Energy wants to be ready.

Electric vehicles dominate list of efficient cars in 2022 Fuel Economy Guide

As the holiday road trip season approaches and more workers are headed back to offices and daily commutes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory has released the federal government’s new 2022 Fuel Economy Guide. The report provides the latest fuel efficiency stats and money-saving tips for new and used vehicles.

For the first time, two electric vehicles with a 500-mile driving range sit at the top of the guide’s 10 most fuel-efficient vehicles.