Researchers reach quantum networking milestone in real-world environment
  • Quantum equipment in the Alice laboratory, where the photon source and the first node in the team’s network are stored. Credit: Carlos Jones/ORNL, U.S. Dept. of Energy

US ITER – Power trip


Staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory organized transport for a powerful component that is critical to the world’s largest experiment, the international ITER project.

Manufacturing – Carbon goes to space

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers have developed a novel process to manufacture extreme heat resistant carbon-carbon composites at a faster rate. The performance of these materials will be tested in a U.S. Navy rocket that NASA will launch this fall.

Made of graphite reinforced with carbon fiber, the composites use a pure graphite matrix instead of epoxy to bind the fibers. Researchers manufactured a nose cone and fins embedded with temperature sensors for the launch, which is designed to expose the material to the harsh environment of high-speed flight.

ORNL Community Conscience Newsletter (attached)
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Manufacturing – Carbon goes to space