Andrew Sutton: Exploring carbon sources through fundamental chemistry

When Andrew Sutton arrived at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in late 2020, he knew the move would be significant in more ways than just a change in location. The chemist was leaving Los Alamos National Laboratory and New Mexico, his home base for the past decade, to join ORNL’s recently formed Manufacturing Science Division and lead the new Chemical Process Scale-Up Group.

Retro technique advances modern bacterial engineering for bioenergy
  • ORNL scientists created a new microbial trait mapping process that improves on classical protoplast fusion techniques to identify the genes that trigger desirable genetic traits like improved biomass processing. Credit: Nathan Armistead/ORNL, U.S. Dept. of Energy.</body></html>

David McCollum: Leading the effort to build a Net Zero World
  • David McCollum is bringing his interdisciplinary expertise in engineering, economics and policy to several initiatives at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the global effort to transform energy systems equitably while respecting planetary boundaries. Credit: Lindsay McCollum

ORNL awards $100 million in contracts to local small and minority-owned businesses

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which is managed by UT-Battelle, LLC, is pleased to announce the award of four basic ordering agreements to local small businesses valued at up to $100 million.

Over the next two years, these small businesses will provide short-term contingent workers in IT services, project management, business services, engineering services and science and technical support. These subcontractors will deliver short-term “surge capacity” support when needed and vital scientific and technical expertise for projects.

Materials — Self-sanitizing N95 masks

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers collaborated with Iowa State University and RJ Lee Group to demonstrate a safe and effective antiviral coating for N95 masks. The coating destroys the COVID-19-causing coronavirus and could enable reuse of masks made from various fabrics.