Transportation – Cost-cutting controls

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers developed and demonstrated algorithm-based controls for a hybrid electric bus that yielded up to 30% energy savings compared with existing controls.

Cybersecurity – Put to the test

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers have created a technology that more realistically emulates user activities to improve cyber testbeds and ultimately prevent cyberattacks.

The Data Driven User Emulation, or D2U, uniquely uses machine learning to simulate actual users’ actions in a network and then enhances cyber analysts’ ability to thwart, expose and mitigate network vulnerabilities.

Bioenergy – Friendly fungi

An Oak Ridge National Laboratory team has successfully introduced a poplar gene into switchgrass, an important biofuel source, that allows switchgrass to interact with a beneficial fungus, ultimately boosting the grass’ growth and viability in changing environments.

Energy Secretary Granholm visits ORNL in virtual tour of world-class science facilities

Correlated electrons ‘tango’ in a perovskite oxide at the extreme quantum limit

A team led by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has found a rare quantum material in which electrons move in coordinated ways, essentially “dancing.” Straining the material creates an electronic band structure that sets the stage for exotic, more tightly correlated behavior – akin to tangoing – among Dirac electrons, which are especially mobile electric charge carriers that may someday enable faster transistors. The results are published in the journal Science Advances.